Special Delivery

Speak to me, Fill my ears with your beautiful voice. Without you the sun will have no warmth, The flowers no beauty, The rose no erotic stimuli, The honey no taste And music no magic in its symphony. For your love is the rain that falls upon my heart, Resurrecting every nerve in my body.… More Special Delivery


Do you know that men and women are angels created with one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able fly. I hope you find your angel to whom you can fly with forever.


Holding you by the waist, Your face in my palm, Tempted to take a taste of your lips, But am in no haste. I get lost in your gaze, What I see is the look of love, Something I’ve been dreaming off for so long, Setting my heart ablaze. Talking about hearts, Your’s an indescribable… More Ascension

I wish

As I sit by the window The raindrops falling And the mood so romantic, I watch keenly as you pass by Not noticing I even exist, With that big grin that that I wish I was the cause of. I wish that you were here besides me. I wish you would take time To look… More I wish

Where is this love?

Where love exists, fear cannot. Where love exists, light is all there can be. Where love exists, happiness and laughter enfold. Where love exists, only shouts of ululations fill the air. Where love exists, life thrives. What about where there is only kicks and blows amidst spritz of crazy love, Does love exist there too?… More Where is this love?

My first love

Just a text from you got my adrenaline rushing. How I wish you could’ve seen how my eyes danced at the sight of you And knew how I loved the sound of my name on your lips. Should I’ve called just to tell how my heart bled for you, How my mind was stuck on… More My first love