Just like strangers

Just like strangers, We met. Our eyes darted across each other’s bodies. My stomach, filled with butterflies. My legs became too weak to hold me. My palms, sweated profusely, And huge grins filled our visages. I then became your obsession, Your favorite possession. You lead me down a path of emotions, That I have never… More Just like strangers


The tears, The fears, The flaws Weaknesses, And hot messes, I tried so hard to hide, This grime side In my mind I thought you’ll see how ugly I can be. But beside me you stand, Reminding me that that’s what makes me beautiful. Loving me like I have never before, Giving me a reason… More Unzipped

You CAN be it

You’re priceless. … Boundless. …Indefinable. …Unlimited. Know your worth, So that you can go on forth, Defying the odds. Confidence in yourself reflects you faith in God.  Set your soul on fire, Rekindle those desires. Remember the moth? See it adored the fire so much, That it became one with it. Let your desires be… More You CAN be it

It’s our time

Your smile puts me in a daze, Setting my heart ablaze. All I can do is gaze, So amazed. To the Lord I give praise, For this moment and days to come, For this love to blossom, Without fear but with freedom. You’re a magnificent work of art, Slowly encroaching my heart. Oh such a… More It’s our time

Happy Birthday

How can I put it into words, the gratitude that fills my soul? Am blessed beyond measure, the little matters as the much. Purple the color of my mind, finding pleasure in creating not rating or hating. Precious is this gift, but a gift isn’t a gift until it’s acknowledged. You are me, life given… More Happy Birthday

New Love

Cupid, My heart feels dim, Tainted and liquid. You shot me but the arrow missed him. I don’t know where all this love will go, Or flow, Lord I wanna blow. His hands, his eyes drive me oh so crazy. Thoughts of him holding me makes me weak in the knees. His voice so deep… More New Love


Grow, Flow, Endow, This is how society expects you to go. Do this, do that, Is what your peers expects of you. What about what I want huh? We are given one mind, Ours for the taking. Stop waiting for people to think for you. For thinking is your greatest power. No one else can… More Free!


The tears, The fears, The jeers,  The years, That I have put my all on these dreams that seem so far from near. They say starve the fear and feed the gem in your heart so dear, That that’s the way to steer, For your dreams to be real and clear. But I’ve lost the… More Tête-à-tête