I still remember the first time I read Clementines von Radics’ poem ‘Mouthful of Forevers’. I read it three times and each time goose bumps formed on my forearm till I felt fire rise in me. It was on a still quiet cold night. A time when my mind and heart where going through a… More Unanimity


It has been cold lately here in Kenya and don’t get me wrong, this is definitely my kind of weather but my mood seems to be going hand in hand with it.  I want to blame the dark grey clouds at this point because it seems much easier than pointing to my thoughts as the… More Perception


Ours, is the love so wild that cannot be tamed, Running around like wild stags. Ours, is the love so pure, intoxicating the veins that connects our hearts. Ours, is the love so clear, no lie can go unnoticed. Ours, is the love so true as the Sands of the Sahara desert, no fallacy can… More Ours

Special Delivery

Speak to me, Fill my ears with your beautiful voice. Without you the sun will have no warmth, The flowers no beauty, The rose no erotic stimuli, The honey no taste And music no magic in its symphony. For your love is the rain that falls upon my heart, Resurrecting every nerve in my body.… More Special Delivery


Do you know that men and women are angels created with one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able fly. I hope you find your angel to whom you can fly with forever.


Holding you by the waist, Your face in my palm, Tempted to take a taste of your lips, But am in no haste. I get lost in your gaze, What I see is the look of love, Something I’ve been dreaming off for so long, Setting my heart ablaze. Talking about hearts, Your’s an indescribable… More Ascension

I wish

As I sit by the window The raindrops falling And the mood so romantic, I watch keenly as you pass by Not noticing I even exist, With that big grin that that I wish I was the cause of. I wish that you were here besides me. I wish you would take time To look… More I wish