​Stop that! Stop delving into those lucid draining reveries.  Look at me, Even if it means for a moment the load behind your rib cage becomes too heavy for you to bear. Eyes full of tears flowing so freely like they are rain. Crumbling onto your feet, a body full of shame and pain. My … More Healing

In between 

Let’s book warm! As I hang on to every word I read, hang on to my warm embrace. Snuggle close to my bosom. Hear that? My heart beating for you. Heaven. Take this moment to dump all the happenings of the day, Good, bad or indifferent For this is your safe haven. Let your mind … More In between 

One more time

​ Remember the good old days? Days we used to sit and just gaze? Staring deep into your milky bedroom eyes Getting lost in their vast beauty and mystery As you were hypnotized by mine. Your scent infiltrate my blood stream intoxicating my senses.  Mind reeling, making me dizzy.  Connection so empowering and addictive.  All … More One more time

We Rise

​”I’ve known darkness as the back of my hands. I’ve known pain and sadness as my best friend. I’ve known loss and fear like a sharp razor ripping my heart apart. I’ve known sickness knowing the Grimm is coming for this life of mine But you held on to me like the gum to the … More We Rise

I rest my case!

​”Lord, it seems easier to feed the D than appease my P, For there are days I feel hollow, My ever giving hands reach only the shallow And among the vast crowd I feel so solo. “Unaccomplished, failure, worthless,” Shouts the devil. And for a moment am sucked in and he rules my throne Miss … More I rest my case!


​Certainly there is time for everything. Time for that child to roll in the mud and a time for it to grow up and take responsibility, usiharakishe miaka yake. A time to laugh hestirically and a time to cry, don’t hide your emotions. A time to fight for love and a time to let it … More Emit|Time

Its You Two

​As I lay serenely in your warm embrace Like a perfectly finished jigsaw puzzle Your body fitting perfectly into mine My eyes open to see you and close to picture you.  You whisper to my ears that am the coolest belle You have ever had. Seems you trying to make me mad And sad huh? … More Its You Two

It’s You Part 1

​ It feels like yesterday, when I reminisce back to that scene. Exactly at nine fifteen In between the pouring rain  And seeps of heartwarming caffeine Something tugged at my spleen My attention now so keen Had me lifting my head and my gaze bumped into a heavenly figurine. In a state of haywire my … More It’s You Part 1


As we lay our heads on the cool sandy white beach, gazing at the countless beauty up above, And adoring at the magnificence beside each other, I remember that day. That day that your caring gaze, took me up, dusted me off, patched my broken heart and told me to move on. That week when … More Rebirth

If I die today

​If I die today, Grateful I am to be intoxicated by music so phenomenal, Be swirled in a crazy frenzy of emotions And be moved till I fall down on my knees, weak and at the same time feel like an flying. If I die today, I give thanks for the little moments that got … More If I die today