Grow, Flow, Endow, This is how society expects you to go. Do this, do that, Is what your peers expects of you. What about what I want huh? We are given one mind, Ours for the taking. Stop waiting for people to think for you. For thinking is your greatest power. No one else can… More Free!


The tears, The fears, The jeers,  The years, That I have put my all on these dreams that seem so far from near. They say starve the fear and feed the gem in your heart so dear, That that’s the way to steer, For your dreams to be real and clear. But I’ve lost the… More Tête-à-tête


Dare to believe, but in what I ask? Reality seems so much grounded and yet, Exciting is the thought of the fulfilment of my dreams. And what will they think of me, when I share… Maybe they’ll cheer me on. Or just maybe laugh hysterically. So what do I do? Do they even come true?… More Dream

Love is…

Love does not exist huh? Well, God is love and love is God. So if you believe in Him, whatever the religion/spirituality, you do believe in love. God is omnipresent-everywhere. So love is everywhere. You are made in the image and likeness of God. Then you are love. So why haven’t met up with love?… More Love is…